Sleight of Binding Gallery

Gallery Book Gallery Book with Sepia Photos

I first saw this book about ten years ago in an exhibit at a calligraphy mini conference.

Gallery Book Gallery Book

This has become a common book to see at conferences and art shows all over North America. It has so many possible uses and it is a great way to showcase beautiful bits of decorated paper and delicate lettering.

Angled gallery Book

These designs are not restricted to squares.
This book is made from pasre decorated Arches Text Wove.

Chinese Sewing Kit

This pattern is based on a traditional
Chinese Sewing Kit. The kit is a great
gift to make for needle workers,
stamp collectors and other paper lovers. (sample by Lisa Cheung)


Even though I have made kaleidocycles
many times, it still amazes me that they start out as one sheet of flat paper. Ranny Bogart decorated this kaleidocycle with radiating coloured pencil designs.


The kleidocycle rotates when you gently push the triangles on the top into the centre or pull them toward the outside. The next face is revealed and you can continue rotating the form Making a kaleidocycle from striped paper (in this case with paste decorated card stock) will remind you of the kaleidoscopes you played with as a child.

>Magic Wallet

>Two pieces of bookbinding board, a few slits, a little ribbon and voila! A wallet that will amaze all for years to come.

>Magic Wallet

Tuck some paper money (or a small notecard) inside, close the covers, open them back up and the money has magically transported itself under the ribbons.

>Multi-Panel Jacob’s Ladder

This structure is so fascinating, so hypnotic, that everyone wants to hold it, manipulate it, and own it.

>Square Flexagon

This flexagon is a wonderful little handful of delight. It is easy to make and turns so easily that it can be quite soothing to sit and manipulate it.

>Quatracircle Diamond

My husband says that this was created in the 1200’s, when men were men and women could not draw circles, this is a simple project to add to your collection. Actually it is a variation on the square quatragon that came to me one night when I had insomnia

Quatracircle Diamond

Once open, various unique shapes appear. The faces are amazing and can be embellished with stamping, lettering and decorated papers.
>Rectangular Flexagon

This form revolves around and around itself revealing four faces. It is a wonderful flexagon to use to create a special alphabet book or a fascinating birthday card.


First discovered by Arthur Stone, a graduate student at Princeton in 1939, the hexaflegon has fascinated mathematicians for decades.

Hexa Flexagon

This flexagon opens like a flower bud to reveal new faces as it flips and turns. It starts as a long strip of paper which you fold and wind to create a series of equilateral triangles

Cover of Two Panel Jacob’s Ladde Two Panel Jacob’s Ladder with Collage Cards
Two Panel Jacob’s Ladder as Photo Album  Gallery Book by Carol Ayers
Gallery Book Cover closed Gallery Book Cover first opening
Gallery Book Cover second opening Gallery Book with Sepia Photos
Square Quatrigon with punched embellishments Hexaflexagon with stamped letters
Jacob’s Ladder with rubber stamping and postage stamps Kaleidocycle with calligraphic lettering
Diamond Faced Kaleidocycle for advanced paper crafters Gallery Book by Lily Yee
Gallery Book by Lily Yee Chinese Sewing Kit
Money Wallet embllished with oriental papers Money Wallet inside
Envelope for Quatragon Square Quatrigon in an envelope
Rectangular Flexagon with Butterfly embellishment Circular Quatricon
Hexagonal Quatragon Gallery Book made with striped paste paper
Rotation of a Square Quatrago Rotation of a Square Quatragon
Rotation of a Square Quatragon Circular Quatrigon with diamond insert
Kaleidocycle by Ranny Bogart Kaleidocycle by Ranny Bogart
Kaleidocycle by Ranny Bogart Kaleidocycle by Ranny Bogart
Square Flexagon with punched embellishments Kaleidocycle made with striped  paste paper
Kaleidocycle  made with
striped paste paper
Rectangular Flexagon
Woven Accordion
closed with instruction tags
Inside of Woven Accordion
First Side of Woven Accordion Square Quatragon with star cutout