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All Tangled Up -- NEW!! Now Shipping
by Cherryl Moote

Artists who are devoted to a regular practice of ZentangleŽ create a wonderful collection of tiles which deserve to be displayed and celebrated in unique and colourful ways. All Tangled Up delivers a wide array of options for displaying and organizing Zentangle tiles and ATCs. Among the projects in the book you will find cards, frames, cubes and books to showcase your artistic work. Each project in the book is perfectly sized for tiles or ATCs so that you can cut, fold and assemble in an immediate and stress-free way. Instructions are detailed and fully illustrated with clear diagrams and illustrations. Cherryl Moote is an experienced book and paper artist and author of a series of books and DVDs known for their clear, thorough, studio-tested instruction style. Cherryl is proud to be a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) and has revelled in the opportunity to richly illuminate this book with tangles and Zentangle inspired artwork of her own.
B-ATU © 2012, 128 pages, 10" x 8.5". Perfect Bound, Full Colour, Soft Cover. Retail: $40.00 US $40.00 CDN


FOLD -------- NEW!! Now Shipping
by Cherryl Moote

A fold is a magical thing. With just one crease a flat piece of paper is transformed and on its way to becoming a new creation. Fold, by Cherryl Moote, shows you how to use simple paper folding techniques to create books, envelopes, fold-outs, explosion folds, 3D structures, and cards. Fold contains full, illustrated instructions for over twenty projects plus detailed information about paper crafting tools, materials and work techniques. This is Cherryl Moote's seventh book on paper crafting. She has established a reputation for offering easy-to-follow instructions that have been thoroughly tested. Cherryl even does the math for you in her popular Let Me Do the Math insert that she creates specifically for each project. With Cherryl Moote's Fold, folding truly is a form of magic that can be performed by all.
B-FO © 2011, 120 pages, 8.5" x 11". Spiral, colour, soft cover, Black and white illustrations with colour gallery pages. Retail: $40.00 US $40.00 CDN


Photo Op ------
by Cherryl Moote

From vintage images to the instant images of the 21st century we are surrounded by photographs. Looking for some great projects to showcase those images? In Photo Op you will find them – simple display options, clever storage projects, fun albums, arty showcases, and heritage albums.
Book artists will find that the projects in Photo Op are versatile, allowing them to explore imagery, form and structure in exciting ways. Examples and suggestions given throughout the book act as a springboard for further artistic explorations.
Photo Op includes instructions for 15 projects and countless variations. Instructions are clear and precise, amply diagrammed with line drawings and further illustrated with both black and white and colour photographs of the projects.
B-PO © 2007, 132 pages, 8.5" x 11". Spiral, colour, soft cover, 6 pages colour photographs, black and white illustrations. Retail: $40.00 US $40.00 CDN

Simply Bound: Beginnings in Bookbinding
by Cherryl Moote
For papercrafters and others just beginning to make books, this manual gives clear, precise instructions for 16 projects including meander books, lotus books, tea bag books, flutter books, and single signatures. Beginners will also find clear instructions for creating simple sewn books and accordions.
© 2001, 80 pages, 8.5" x 11", Spiral soft cover
Retail: $30.00 US $30.00 CAD

Accompaning Video also available.

Sleight of Binding
by Cherryl Moote

This book is about creating magic and tricks with book forms. Learn how to transform paper into shapes that, when manipulated, reveal other previously hidden faces. Insert pictures and expressions into openings in the gallery book or flip to your hearts content with the Jacob’s Ladder and some amazing flexagons. Learn a new meaning to disappearing cash when you make the magic wallet. Make an envelope for any size project without a template. It’s all about making geometric forms easy.
© 2002, 88pages, 8.5" x 11", Spiral soft cover Retail: $30.00 US $30.00 CAD


Copied, Bound and Numbered
by Cherryl Moot
This book features book forms perfect for creating small editions of art books with your photocopier or computer printer. The book forms presented also make wonderful one-of-a-kind books. Detailed instructions are given for the book forms and tips are given to help you streamline the assembly of the books, which leaves you more time to create art. Standard printer size papers are used for most of the projects. Projects include numerous variations on the accordion book, two-minute book variations, stab bindings, and flip books. Whether you flip it, fan it, stitch it or make it in two minutes, this instructional book will have you bound up for success. These books projects are ideal for swaps.
© 2003, 90 pages, 8.5” x 11", Spiral soft cover Retail: $30.00 US $30.00 CAD


Paper Delights
by Cherryl Moote

This book is full of delightful card, paper folding and bookbinding ideas for papercrafters who want to showcase special papers in their work. The samples in the book showcase wonderful chiyogami papers from Japan but would work equally well with scrapbooking papers and any hand decorated papers like paste papers or stamped papers. Some of the featured projects include dry embossing, iris folding, bargello, basic paper quilting, rotating cards, origami inkwell, origami kimono & happi coat, a wonderful bookmark, a takeout box full of paper fortune cookie books and a miniature library in a folded slip case. Includes 3 double-sided pages of color photos.
© 2004, 124 pages, 5.5” x 8.5”, Spiral soft cover Retail: $35.00 US $35.00 CAD
Accompaning Video also available.


Books With Girth
by Cherryl Moote

For bookbinders who love books with thick spines, this book has instructions for piano hinges, sewn books, tabbed books and more. Clear, step-by-step, clearly diagrammed instructions will help you make one-of-a-kind journals, sketchbooks, travel diaries and more with confidence.

© 2005, 240 pages, 8.5” x 11”, Spiral colour cover, 6 colour pages Retail: $50.00 US $50.00 CAD

Building With Your Creative Stumbling Blocks
by Cherryl Moote

All artists have their own set of creative stumbling blocks that trip them up or provide a protective wall to hide behind. This book shows you how to make use of your creative blocks while exploring simple bookbinding, paper crafting and journalling along the way. Not only will you deal with some of your creative challenges and learn to feel more in control of your creative path but you will be doing it while learning new skills and being creative along the way. Included in the book are sections on how to deal with critical voices, set goals, rediscover your creative voice, find the time for creativity in your daily life and deal with the fears and challenges of living a creative life.
© 2006,120 pages, 8.5" x 11", Spiral soft cover Retail: $40.00 US $40.00 CDN