About Us


Moote Points and At Your Ease Publications are owned and operated by Cherryl Moote. Cherryl is a calligrapher, bookbinder and paper artist. Cherryl was born with a natural teaching talent and loves to create print materials, videos and classes that allow you to learn new techniques with maximum enjoyment and success. The inspiration and guidance that she has received from her teachers and mentors have made her aware of the need to support other artists and craftspeople as they explore the paper arts. In additon to writing and teaching, she is actively involved in creativity coaching and is available to coach in person, online and by telephone. To contact Cherryl Moote send an email to cmoote@mootepoints.com.

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Moote Points is a family business and wouldn’t exist without the support of:

Victoria Moote is our in-house photographer and an aspiring artist. Her true artistic love is black and white photography and pinhole camera work.

This website was created by Brock Moote who is interested in all things computer. He is supported technically by Stan Moote, our level-headed, resident engineer who has so far managed to fix every technological snarl we have sent his way.

Our sister company Quickwolf Technology will be supplying personal web communication tools. These tools will enable on-line teaching and web-communication. Please contact us for additional information.